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Welcome to my Homo Consumericus site at Concordia’s John Molson School of Business. Whereas my primary objective is to apply evolutionary theory in understanding consumption and marketing phenomena, I pursue a larger mandate namely the application of Darwinian theorizing across a very broad range of research streams.

My approach is both multidisciplinary and multi-method as evidenced by the varied works that I conduct with my graduate students. Some studies have been physiological based (e.g., collecting salivary assays for measuring testosterone levels). Others have utilized computer interfaces for tracking decision-making styles of monozygotic and dizygotic twins. In other instances, we have conducted content analyses on products of popular culture (e.g., song lyrics). Surveys, panels, and experiments are also within our toolbox of methodological approaches.

Irrespective of whether a problem is best tackled at the theoretical and/or empirical levels using primary and/or secondary data, as long as it is interesting and can be tackled from an evolutionary perspective, I am potentially excited to explore it!

Here is a short clip wherein I describe some of my research.

Thank you for visiting my web site. Please feel free to contact me should you be interested in further discussing any of my research streams.

Gad Saad

Dr. Gad Saad
Professor of Marketing & Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption


Received the 2014 Darwinism Applied Award from the Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society.

Appeared on numerous high-profile venues including The Joe Rogan Experience, The Adam Carolla Show, The David Pakman Show (see clips 18-22 on my YouTube playlist), and the Godless Spellchecker podcast (episodes 32 and 53) among others.

The Leigh Bureau is now representing me for speaking engagements.

Designated as Concordia's Newsmaker of the Week (fifth time since 2011) for extensive media coverage (including The New York Times) of my 2015 Journal of Business Research paper on cross-cultural differences in creativity.

Was appointed a VIP in the Global Lifestyle Medicine Alliance.

Started a new YouTube channel wherein I dispense THE SAAD TRUTH.

My Psychology Today blog also titled Homo Consumericus, has surpassed 3.4+ million total views.

Began blogging for The Huffington Post.

Became a speaker for Passages Canada,





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